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Are you there… over. Please respond… over. It’s the end of the world. And you find yourself locked in a fallout shelter. There are plenty of supplies to last you and your group awhile. But that’s where the good news ends. You discover a problem with the oxygen supply and realize you must escape the shelter in 60 minutes. Luckily there are clues to help you make it out before you and your group are… over.

Players: 4-12, max of 15 upon request.

Goal: Escape in under 60 minutes.

Recommended ages: Designed for adults but may be enjoyed by ages 10 and up. Or, if you book the whole room, you are welcome to bring kids of any age. No matter what, at least one responsible adult is required to be in the room as a participant.

No dead-end clues or red herrings.

No horror elements, not scary, no startling.

Choose your difficulty level upon booking: 50% success rate, 25%, or 10%.

Due to COVID all bookings are automatically private.

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