• What is an escape room?

    Escape Rooms are a new type of immersive adventure game, great for entertainment with friends and family or as a team-building experience with corporate groups.

    At 11th Hour Escape, groups are “locked” in a themed room and must solve clues, puzzles, and riddles within an hour in order to escape. Participants must work together, be observant, explore the room, and use critical thinking to be successful.

    We have two convenient locations in Texas: Plano (Dallas area), and Corpus Christi.

  • Do your rooms have dead-end clues or red herrings?

    NO!  You may see decor/furniture in the room that does not relate to the puzzles but there is nothing in the rooms meant to “throw you off” or waste your time.  We are all about providing a fun game and red herrings are anything but fun.

  • Do you offer same-day bookings?

    YES, depending on availability. Check our bookings page for a full schedule.

  • What makes 11th Hour Escape different?

    Just imagine what it would be like to step out of your life… and into a challenge so immersive, you feel like a character in a movie. You’re using all of your senses. You’re on a mission, laser-focused and in the moment.

    If the themes, clues, and details are not on point, it takes you out of the experience. Our goal is top-to-bottom immersion. For that reason, we also encourage cosplay (wearing costumes and inhabiting a character) that fits with the theme of the room you have chosen.

    We are also the first escape room to offer a choice of difficulty! New to escape rooms and want to ease into it? Are you an expert and want to be challenged? Somewhere in the middle? Choose the level you want when you book and we will make it happen.

    Yes, my friends… it’s the Escape experience you’ve been waiting for.

  • What level of difficulty should I choose?

    If your group is new to escape rooms, we recommend choosing the 50% success rate level but be warned… it’s still no cake walk!  The 50% success rate level is still challenging enough that half of groups do not “make it out alive”!

    However, this is only a recommendation. If your group really enjoys a challenge, go for the 25% success rate level  or the less than 10% success rate level… it’s totally up to you!

  • Can I book a private event or party?

    YES! You are welcome to book all the spots in your Room if you wish to have a private booking. Alternatively, you may choose an open booking in which the spots you do not book are open for purchase by others.

    If you would like to book an event during a time not listed on our booking page, please call us or fill out our contact form. We’ll get back with you ASAP to set it up.

    • Is this a good party activity for my tween or teen?

      We’re going to be totally honest with you… escape rooms are not for everyone. Some tweens and teens love being challenged, using out-of-the-box thinking, and working together. Some do not! You know your kiddo and their friends best. If they have short attention spans and love to bounce off the walls… this may not be the best fit activity for them.

    • Will I be in a group with people I don't know?

      It’s possible. Many groups come into the Room as strangers and leave as friends. If you wish to have a private booking, you are welcome to book all the spots in your Room.

    • What ages are allowed?

      Everyone ages 10 and up are welcome. At least one responsible adult (over 18) must be a participant in the Room at all times.

      If you book all the spots in your chosen timeslot (a private booking), you are welcome to bring any ages you like.  However, it is always the case that at least one responsible adult must be a participant in the Room at all times.

    • Is it scary?

      It can be an intense experience… but not particularly scary. There will be nothing jumping out at you or trying to eat you. Even the gentlest souls who were apprehensive have done fine once in the Room.

      If you have claustrophobia, please let us know at the beginning of your experience. We will allow you to step out of the Room if needed.

    • What if I'm running late?

      Each booking will start and end promptly on time. For this reason, we recommend arriving 15 minutes early. Those who come late may have less time to complete the Challenge.

    • What is the cancellation policy?

      When spots are purchased, they are automatically reserved and made unavailable to all other potential buyers. For this reason, we do not offer cancellation refunds.

    • Can I purchase a gift voucher?

      Yes, gifting an escape room experience is a great idea! Get one from our Purchase Vouchers page. Redemption can be made from our Redeem Vouchers page.