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Your small town is in a panic… and you discover your friend Will is missing!  He has vanished mysteriously and his mom seems to have lost her marbles… Or has she?  You too have seen things you don’t know how to explain. The STRANGEST THINGS you’ve ever seen. The authorities are getting nowhere with the case.  So you and your friends decide to break into Will’s house to investigate.  Maybe you can help find Will… before he is lost forever!

Inspired by the hit show but designed for both fans and non-fans to enjoy.

Players: 4-10.

Goal: Escape in under 60 minutes.

Recommended Ages: Designed for adults but may be enjoyed by ages 10 and up. Or, if you book the whole room, you are welcome to bring kids of any age. No matter what, at least one responsible adult is required to be in the room as a participant.

No dead-end clues or red herrings.

No horror elements, not scary, no startling. Some may find the theme slightly “creepy”.

Choose your difficulty level upon booking: 50% success rate, 25%, or 10%.

Due to COVID all bookings are automatically private.

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